Tulku | Kwan Yin, the Elk, and Imbolc

Kwan Yin, the Elk, and Imbolc

February 02, 2021

Dear Friend,

In Celtic tradition this day is called Imbolc, the first day of Spring. As an offering of welcome to the green that is coming, I am going to share a story of deepening into an image. There’s magic here, like one would find deep in the forests of ancient Ireland— where fairies and dragons live and breathe to this day. A way of imagining that brings life to dreams. A way of being curious that opens up into receiving healing and deep personal guidance through challenging times.

This story begins with an Oracle card I drew for myself from my Tulku deck—Kwan Yin. Sometimes when reading for myself it’s very hard to “get” what the message is—to feel into what more the oracle has to say. So I decided to do a walkabout with Kwan Yin. Elk figures prominently in the image for this card and he invited me to walk with him as a starting point…

I imagine going with Elk for a walk up the mountain, I begin to feel his breath moving along next to me— closer and closer until it joins mine. I feel his steady strength, sense of peace and presence. This companions and anchors my being, calms my fretful mind as almost nothing else can. As I walk with Elk, I feel one with the mountain. I feel belonging. I no longer feel separate in my two-legged form. I feel joy and love emerge from this place.

As my heart opens, Kwan Yin’s compassion and loving nature rises up in mothering waves and the turbulence I feel inside is further pacified. 

I begin to have a conversation—to share with the great Goddess my love, my gratitude, my challenges. All of it she embraces and helps me carry. The massive body of Elk moves steadily by my side— and as if we were one— his presence provides a felt sense filled with quiet power and connection to the living world. 

With them, I can sense the presence of the unseen and the mystery and I know it is always with me. 

When I was a kid I was a big dreamer. I was very intuitive and believed in magic. I had lots of “imaginary” friends, was filled with energy and strong in myself -- I mean I felt really happy with myself and enchanted by life-- most of the time. Over the years these qualities were put under a blanket and hidden in a closet. Without fanfare or initiation, I became an adult.

If my story resonates, I encourage you to join me in awakening your curiosity. Try giving your imagination permission to do a walkabout, and to find and open doorways through your dreams, through an image that appears to you in an Oracle card or an amulet. In a painting. In your imagination. Play with it, create art from it, write a story, sing it, dance it, honor it. Take it into nature. Anything that springs from the imagination enlivens what appears, which in turn enlivens you. 

If you are looking to reawaken the voice of your spirit and soul, to hear your souls purpose, perhaps you too will benefit from this way of playing and honoring the magic Imbolc embodies.

With love, blessings and a hearty welcome to Spring,


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