Tulku | Tulku Oracle Kickstarter is Live!

Tulku Oracle Kickstarter is Live!

February 12, 2021

Dear Friends,

Well I can hardly believe it. Seemed like this day would never come!

Before anything else, here is the link so you can go on over and check it out—


The first 24 hours there is an early bird special, check that out if you are interested in getting a special deal on the deck. Even if you are not interested in getting a deck, any pledge makes a difference and is SO gratefully received. 

Not only is it Losar, Tibetan New Year, but it is finally the day I launch my Kickstarter for the Tulku Oracle. I’m feeling such a swirl of emotions—vulnerability, excitement, gratitude, and it all goes really deep. All of this being released from the layers and many years of journey that got me here. I feel my ancestors, my teachers, the nature beings—mountains, ocean— that are all now a part of me, coaxing and companioning me to this moment. I pray my images and words reflect their wisdom in the ways they would have me share. It is one of my humble offerings back as one who has been given so so so much. 

So today is not only Losar and a new moon, but for me it is definitely a Ganesh Day. He was the first amulet I made—in my little basement ashram room— when I decided to start Tulku in 2005. I prayed to him then as I pray to him today (and every day) to bless this offering and to receive it into the hands of those it speaks to, and into the hearts of the gods. 

I am also overflowing with deep gratitude to all of you who have also walked by my side, shown me trust and big hearted support along the way. I wish I could thank you all personally. My truest wish is to give back to you and support you on your road to healing and expressing your soul gifts in this world. 

May Ganesh open the doors so this may be so.

With Love, 


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