Tulku | Offering in Honor of the Subtle Blessings

Offering in Honor of the Subtle Blessings

September 09, 2021

Dear Friends,

It's been a long time since I've sent out a message and an offering. I trust you and your loved ones are well and that your summer has been full of delicious connections and leisurely joy, as it has been for me.

Here in the mountains of Colorado I am noticing the varied harbingers of autumn. I love this time, where my focus comes into greater clarity as I sort through and let go of what doesn't align with my hearts vision, and prepare for the coming season of offerings. 

In that spirit, I have a story to share. It’s about the blessings of Bear.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the forest behind my house. From my path, I looked down towards the creek and for the first time on this mountain I saw the shape of a beautiful black bear making its way along the edges of the gulch. My first reaction was a barely conscious, albeit automatic one— one I’ve noticed before in myself, but hardly paid heed to. It was the thought— “so what” —it was actually the voice of denial for a split second of what I was seeing. A discounting of the rarity, value or specialness of it. 

I took notice of that split second with some consternation, and then the joy and the blessing of the presence of bear flooded in. The delight of that siting carried me along my walk like a gentle wind would a feather. And too, I was really wondering about that first reaction of mine. The one that I have just barely noticed over and over again throughout my life, always in what I would call sacred moments. This automatic denial has a very subtle but powerful presence— one that I don’t easily acknowledge, but I sadly often believe.

Contemplating this— with the awareness of my ancestors and bear nearby— I get the message that this is that same voice in me that questions the reality, specialness or blessing of what I experience and witness in my journeys to the more subtle realms. Like the bear that I saw clearly with my own eyes, these felt experiences are blessings and have a living quality that I know to be meaningful.

Like tending dream, relating with the oracle, connecting with the vibration and spirit of a plant, animal, place or amulet—moving past the conditioned voice of “so what” is where I want to go.  

Mama bear showing herself to me for the first time on this mountain yesterday surely was a blessing. A sacred messenger, masterful at dreamtime and play, fiercely protective of her cubs and that which is precious. A fleeting glimpse of her was enough of a gift for me to learn about the voice of denial living inside me. A call to protect what is sacred in my own experience, like bear— fiercely and with love.

As always, wishing you blessings on your Journey,


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