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Fox Wisdom for Our Times

May 13, 2020

Hello Dear Friends, 

As many of you know (whoever sees my post on social media !) I have been in the magical wonderous company of fox these days. Having happened upon a den with four kits and a mama right up the road I feel like I have discovered the secret garden. I’ve been spending a lot of time watching the wee ones playing, the Mama caring, and the totally delightful interactions between them. I don’t have a fox oracle card created (yet!) but in some ways I feel that what I am learning from being around them is embodied in this card. So Wolf Eagle Goddess now has a healthy dose of Fox in her too. 

This card embodies a process I have been in recently which has been guided by Fox. Maybe it can be helpful for others to hear this—  if even one person can relate to my share it’s worth putting it out there. So here goes. A friend of mine reached out to me recently and said that her feeling about where I am in my connection to my self worth could be strengthened. That I could more fully own who I am somehow. What I took that to mean is that a more solid foundation of value for what I express in the world could root itself more deeply into the ground of me— become a more expansive, brighter knowing held in my heart. When I think of feeling fully worthy in myself— really whole— I imagine those fox kits with their Mama. 

When I tune into their experience, I feel I have a Mama who is so powerful, capable and strong—so present —that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. From the perspective of the kit—he will get fed, the love and care he receives is unconditional and irrevocable, and he can fully enjoy the present moment of curiosity, exploration, learning and play. What a feeling. From here, there is just nothing that could be deemed worthy or unworthy. Mistakes? What mistakes? It’s all learning. And the amazing thing is that at the same time Mama Fox protects, my observation is that she also fully trusts them to find their way.

There’s something so fundamentally perfect about receiving this gift from Fox at this time. For my full creative expression to be engaged, and in honor of Fox, I hereby give myself the freedom and permission to play, be curious, dive into my dreams and imagination, and discover. And what I feel is that when I invite all of this in, I invite in wholeness. 

This goes hand in hand with feeling the sense that there is also an irrevocable love holding me, a great Mama not only in the land of the ancestors, but in the Earth, in the sky above me, in the waters, in the presence of Fox Mama too. She is supporting me in my growth and learning, in my process of becoming, and whatever that looks like, it's ok. 

There’s something about the safety this inspires— the feeling of acceptance and rightness in who I am that is being revealed in this great dig that the arrival of Covid has been the catalyst for. I and almost everyone I have talked to are having the similar experience at this time of really looking at ourselves and our lives through the lens of value. What is it that we are here for? What do we have to give back? What brings joy? Where is my bliss? I want to follow it. I invite you to do same. 

As always, I am here to support you in the gifts Tulku brings. 

Or in Dreamtending, or in just connecting. 

In gratitude and joy with love from all of us at Tulku, 

And the Foxes too


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