Gold Thockcha
Tibetan Thockcha Amulet
Pure silver
Pancha Dhatu with fused 24K gold
Pancha Dhatu
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Tibetan Thockcha Amulet

Tibetan Thockcha Amulet

Symbolizes the field of ultimate possibilities— the wellspring of unlimited potential and abundance that is the creative essence of our life. This is the vehicle to remind us to remain open and unattached, and to know that happiness, prosperity, love and bounty are unconditional gifts of the universe which flow through our lives continuously. As we connect with the vastness that is the essence of our souls we are reminded that we need not worry or be attached to outcomes, for the generosity and bounty of the universe is ours.

“Being detached has nothing to do with not having: it has to do with not holding.”

"Bliss is in all of life.
Here's a glass with water— see its sparkle, how it reflects the light, how it makes a rainbow in its projection, how it nourishes. But when the wind starts up, when you knock it with your elbow and the glass falls of the shelf, you can say—of course!
When you know the glass is already broken, every moment with it is precious." —excerpt from the movie the Buddha

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tulku "the form body of a Buddha"
In the Tibetan tradition, a tulku is the recognized reincarnation of a past buddhist master who takes rebirth to bring blessings and benefit to all beings. Tulku jewels, like the name they embody, represent the rebirth of spirit into a new form. They are tools to remind us of our divine nature which is unbounded by time or space.

TULKU donates custom amulets and a percentage of all proceeds towards the following organizations:

One Heart Worldwide
One Heart World-Wide has developed an unique model to prevent the deaths of mothers and their infants in remote rural areas of the world. Simply put, we surround each mother and infants with a “Network of Safety” to insure that they will survive pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of life.

Blue Deer Center
The Blue Deer Center provides an important setting for teachings and practices that promote balanced relationship with the natural world. We particularly welcome ancestral approaches to healing, ritual, and retreat. The Center's origins are rooted in the Huichol shamanic tradition and our connection to the universal and sacred spirit of fire.

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Ten percent of all online orders goes towards the TULKU NEPAL FUND helping to better the lives of our friends who work with us in Nepal, one amulet at a time.