marketI found the original Tulku Thockcha back in 2006 while looking for treasures, in a drawer, in a dusty old shop in the bowels of Kathmandu. It was at the very beginning of Tulku and Rajendra and I were just beginning to create the chakra line.

I love treasure hunting in the old parts of the city, exploring its antiquities and mysteries. I’m always on the lookout for ancient Magic—and once in a while I find it.

The Newari shop keeper didn’t know what it was, but I recognized my find as a precious Tibetan protection piece.

Tibetans say Thockchas fall from the sky already formed and are made of sky metal. I walked away with this jewel clutched tightly in my hand and a happy heart.

Though all of the jewelry we make is my design and our creation, I knew this was a piece that I wanted to make a mold of so that I could share it with others. I sat in contemplation with the piece that night and over a period of about a week. Feeling it and listening to it.

thocklablogimageThis is what it told me:

The Thockcha symbolizes the field of ultimate possibilities— the wellspring of unlimited potential and abundance that is the creative essence of our life. This is the vehicle to remind us to remain open and unattached, and to know that happiness, prosperity, love and bounty are unconditional gifts of the universe which flow through our lives continuously. As we connect with the vastness that is the essence of our souls we are reminded that we need not worry or be attached to outcomes, for the generosity and bounty of the universe is ours.

Find the Thockcha Amulet here.

Tulku Oracle Card #1

I am in the process of creating an amulet card deck, which will be used as a divination system. I am calling it the TULKU ORACLE.

As I write the oracles, I will upload them onto this page. I encourage you to share your thoughts and impressions. I also love to hear your experiences with your amulets.
They may be included as inspirations for the oracle!

The Muladhara

The MuladharaIf you have drawn this card, you are attracting the energy of spiritual practice, groundedness and connection. In your meditation today, focus on the muladhara, —take an energetic journey—allowing your awareness to spiral deep into the earth. Allow yourself to  feel the flow of energy linking you to your source, your roots, and your tradition.

Here you can meet Ganesh and ask for his help in allowing you to feel solidly connected to the earth and to the nourishment of the Mother. In his powerful presence you have the knowledge that through your alignment with the divine—expressing itself from the very roots of your being— you have the help of the gods in removing all obstacles to your growth.

You can pull from this energy and be reminded that you have support when you are going through trying times or cycles of transformation.

The teaching in this card is a reminder to ground yourself in meditation. Now is a time when the awareness of the presence of your ancestors and the interconnectedness of all beings is more available to you. Become open and aware of the vitality they and the Universe wants to share with you, which is part of your inheritance. Take it in. The moment is now.

I connect, I am supported
I am grounded in the physical plane and am connected to the whole of Life.