Rockin Tulku’s Heart with Eva Longoria


As many of you already know, actor Eva Longoria owns all of our Chakra amulets and is frequently seen out and about wearing them for the world to see. We’ve seen her rocking Tulku at the US Open or in a recent issue of Life and Style magazine and the list goes on.

In a recent interview with Monica Langley of the Wall Street Journal, Eva is filmed wearing her Tulku Jewels Anahatha, or Heart Chakra Amulet (above). Eva talks about her role as co-chair for the campaign to re-elect Barack Obama and her future as an Hispanic political activist in Washington! We are proud to adorn a woman with such heart and vision, and grateful that she loves Tulku too!

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Find your special chakra amulet by taking the chakra test. Perhaps you will find that you share the same one as Eva. :)

Hers is the Anahatha or Heart Chakra.  Its power is the innate knowledge of unity, devotion and universal Love. Continue reading

Chakra Affirmations

chakra-affirmationsLast week I had the wonderful honor of being interviewed by Davidji* —of the Chopra Center—live on Hay House radio.

Our focus on the show was to take people on a journey through the chakras. My contribution included the chakra affirmations that I wrote about in conjunction with the Tulku Chakra amulets. Since the show aired, many listeners have contacted me asking me to share these affirmations again—so here they are. Enjoy!

Muladhara Chakra
I connect, I am supported
I am grounded in the physical plane and am connected to the whole of Life.

Swadisthana Chakra
I create, I am attractive.
I am creative and expansive. I deeply connect to others without losing myself.

Manipuraka Chakra
I manifest, I am powerful
By connecting with my internal power source, I ignite my ability to manifest my hopes and dreams.

Anahata Chakra
I love, I am loved
I embrace the gifts of love, balance, compassion and emotional well being in my life.

Visudda Chakra
I communicate, I am a teacher, and I am a student
I fearlessly express my truth and hear the sound of the Universe.

Ajana Chakra
I perceive, I am wise
Light informs my awareness. I live my life with illuminated clarity.

Sahasrara Chakra
I open, I am illuminated
I tune into and surrender to Divine Consciousness.

*Davidji is an internationally recognized life guide, author, meditation recording artist, motivational speaker, and meditation instructor.
Check out his website at

Tulku Oracle Card #3

The Manipuraka Chakra

 Manipura Oracle“Jewel of the lotus” and “lustrous gem” are names for this chakra—also known as the Solar Plexus or Navel Chakra.  It relates to the pure expression of one’s unique individuality in the physical world.

 The Manipuraka is your energetic and emotional center, the house of your inner fire. It offers up the fuel that gives you the power to accomplish your dreams. This is the furnace that transforms your earthly experience into a spiritual force. Also known by the Taosits as Chi, this energy enables you to meet any challenge, have courage, and set healthy boundaries.

The Manipuraka is where—through your umbilical cord— you were first connected to another. It is where nourishment is absorbed and processed for the rest of your energetic body. When you have a strong Navel chakra, you have a solid sense of self along with a sense of being nourished and protected. You have the ability to transform negative experiences into positive ones, and you feel courageous in expressing your boundaries.


If you have drawn this card, you are being asked to connect to your own personal power. Nourishment in some form is being offered to you, and you must be open and willing to receive it. Whether the energy of the situation in which you find yourself is challenging, delicious, or both, it is coming to you as an answer to what you have been asking for, in order to feel strong and accomplish the lessons that you need to grow.

Make some time to have a conversation with Laxmi. Ask for her help in keeping your inner fire bright and burning strong. Pray for her blessings in transforming your experience into one that is alive with the beauty of new growth, abundance and possibility.

The situation at hand is calling on you to regard this moment as an opportunity to experience your own personal power, and to express it. Perhaps you are finding the voice that you need to state your boundaries. Do not be afraid of your own strength.

Tulku Oracle Card #2

Swadisthana Oracle

TULKUSEXORACLEThe teaching in this card is that of connecting to the creative aspect of the lifeforce within you. One way to connect to this energy is to make a conscious commitment to be aware of the ebb and flow of feelings within you. These feelings are a direct reflection of your experience in the world, and when you pay attention to them, they will show you a clear pathway to your source.

As you experience your feelings and feel the energy there—feel the love that underlies them and is always trying to teach you. Walk in nature and connect to the creative force living within everything around you. As you walk, ask Vajrayogini and her divine dance to help circulate the emotions through you. Know that you are ready to transform them now, into positive catalysts for creativity and growth.

Move forward into creation, with the strength of your self awareness behind you, and the potent flow of love within you.




I create, I am attractive.
I am creative and expansive.
I deeply connect to others without losing myself.


Tulku Oracle Card #1

I am in the process of creating an amulet card deck, which will be used as a divination system. I am calling it the TULKU ORACLE.

As I write the oracles, I will upload them onto this page. I encourage you to share your thoughts and impressions. I also love to hear your experiences with your amulets.
They may be included as inspirations for the oracle!

The Muladhara

The MuladharaIf you have drawn this card, you are attracting the energy of spiritual practice, groundedness and connection. In your meditation today, focus on the muladhara, —take an energetic journey—allowing your awareness to spiral deep into the earth. Allow yourself to  feel the flow of energy linking you to your source, your roots, and your tradition.

Here you can meet Ganesh and ask for his help in allowing you to feel solidly connected to the earth and to the nourishment of the Mother. In his powerful presence you have the knowledge that through your alignment with the divine—expressing itself from the very roots of your being— you have the help of the gods in removing all obstacles to your growth.

You can pull from this energy and be reminded that you have support when you are going through trying times or cycles of transformation.

The teaching in this card is a reminder to ground yourself in meditation. Now is a time when the awareness of the presence of your ancestors and the interconnectedness of all beings is more available to you. Become open and aware of the vitality they and the Universe wants to share with you, which is part of your inheritance. Take it in. The moment is now.

I connect, I am supported
I am grounded in the physical plane and am connected to the whole of Life.