Dear Friends of Tulku


Dear Friends of Tulku,

As many of you have already heard, after over a week of traumatic aftershocks, there was another large 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Nepal today. Thankfully, our friends and their families are all safe. The community where we work-Patan-has experienced more devastating loss especially of old homes, including Rajendra’s home. Tonight they are once again sleeping outside, praying for the shaking to stop. The level of fear and trauma is quite extreme, but they have very strong hearts and spirit, they have each other, and they have us.

Throughout this time and with our help, Rajendra, Pravin and Kiran have been focused on helping others who have experienced greater loss than they, people in the villages in desperate need of food, shelter, medicine and water. Our friends have conveyed to me that they, (as well as I), are in deepest gratitude for your incredibly generous show of support and for your prayers. It is what gives them hope and the knowing that they can and will make it through this time.
Please continue to connect with me on Facebook as I post photos and reports of our efforts. Please share with your friends and family, and most importantly, please continue to help our friends in Nepal in your prayers.

In deepest gratitude with love from
Karla, Rajendra, Mata, Kiran, Pravin and all those who are receiving help through your loving donations.

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