Ajna Oracle


ajna-oracleIf you have drawn this card, a new level of discernment and realization of your dreams is possible. You have the ability to connect to your dharma—your purpose in this lifetime—and to see the deeper layers of what that could mean for you. As John O’Donohue so beautifully writes, “the secret signature and light of our own nature” awaits to be discovered.

Your dreams may be more active now, or perhaps you notice you have a more pronounced ability to sense things before they manifest. You are being called to pay attention to the subtler realms so that you can have access to a more refined experience. Record your dreams, and feel deeply into them for the meanings that they are trying to share. Focus your mind through meditation or prayer, so that clarity and peace become your inner environment. From that state, the messages that lie within and the answers you are seeking will come to light.

The situation at hand is calling upon you to rely on your inner guidance to navigate this time. Ask for Uluka Vahini’s help in showing you the warrior’s way of trust and courage. Remember, it is through going into the darkness that you become accustomed to perceiving in a more heightened way. Because your physical sight is limited here, you must rely on your inner vision and knowing. Like the owl, take flight into the unknown with your connection to the Universe as your strength.

The Teaching

The teaching of this card is that of the need to regularly go beyond the intellect to the place of innate intelligence and intuition that lies within you. It is the place of stillness and heart you can reach through meditation and prayer. Do not be afraid of the great void—a place of primordial beauty, a scintillating darkness that is alive with the recognition that you are not separate. You are connected to the whole and because of that, your every movement is part of the Sacred Dance of Life. Let it guide you. Embracing this place gives you courage and a trust in the Divine that is beyond your usual experience. It is not a place where things are “figured out” but a place where things are revealed and known. Your intuition is the vehicle through which you move from light into darkness and back again, finding your way with your heart. A doorway is opening for you to move more deeply from an intellectual perception to an intuitive one. Now is the time to integrate the two.

May you Walk in Beauty

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