Abundance Oracle

Dear Friends of Tulku,

A few years ago I began to create an Oracle deck inspired by my Tulku amulets. For me, it is a way to more deeply communicate my experience and my soul connection with the symbolism they embody. Life has taken me on a beautiful, colorful, magically windy trail since then, and I set my project aside to focus on studying Plant Spirit Medicine. But that’s another story. My studies are soon coming to an end, and now I am picking up my project where I left off. Except now I have a lot more to add. This is therefore my commitment to you as my audience to create a new card every month until the deck is done. Here is the first of my offerings, for your pleasure. I welcome any comments and inspiration you would share with me in return!



Abundance is the nature of the unbounded Universe, reflected in the infinite expressions of Life Itself. “Out of abundance and still abundance remained.”—the Upanishads



If you have drawn the Abundance oracle today, it is a moment to appreciate the great abundance in your life, and give thanks. Your gratitude will make you an open vessel— open to receive and to trust in the Universe. Appreciate the gifts that life is always sharing with you, and you will truly experience abundance. Where there is openness, there is always room to receive— where there is openness, there is always space into which to give.

Trust is key. If there is something that you would like to attract into your life, say a prayer, and let it go. Turn to gratitude and appreciation, and remember that the ways of the Universe are mysterious. Your prayers are heard, how life unfolds has a divine and magical order that is far beyond your imagining.

In your meditation, picture in your minds eye an extraordinary element of nature—such as an exotic bird, or a kangaroo that carries her young in a pouch. Look in detail at the way so many extraordinary elements come together to form this one precious expression of life. Every aspect of who this being is, is natures gift for them to be able to live, survive and thrive as a species.

Allow your mind to pan out and see other amazing beings in the world. Appreciate all the diverse aspects that compose every single one of them. See that there is no end to the way life articulates itself. It is abundant, it is generous, it is boundless in possibilities. Feel this miraculous field of life as it expresses itself in your life, and open your heart in gratitude.

If you are feeling constricted and that you are not getting your needs met, try focusing instead on this gratitude practice. You will begin to see abundance everywhere, and the sense of lack you experience will be absorbed into fullness and happiness.

The situation at hand is showing you how you are feeling in regards to the abundance in your life. If you are striving, cease doing so, for it limits what you experience due to your focus on attainment. If you are walking on a path, head down looking for a feather, you will likely miss the magnificent hawk peering at you from above, the family of deer grazing by your side. Trust that the universe has your back, and if you are meant to have that feather, it will come to you, even while experiencing the wonder of the whole.

When you focus on finding what you don’t have, you experience lack no matter what blessings come into your life. Instead, give thanks for the gifts and see what the universe has in mind for you.

Remember, it is how you receive these gifts that determines whether you are connecting to abundance or not.

The teaching in this card is that Abundance is not limited to the “things” or the money that you have in your life. True abundance is experienced when you feel it in your heart. Remember that during those times when you are in love, overflowing with joy or gratitude, there is no feeling of lack. Cultivate these feelings, and you will experience and attract abundance in your life. True abundance is about feeling fullness, openness and generosity flowing through your heart. It is the generous quality of the overflowing heart filled with gratitude, that you are being called to cultivate now.


“I offer my gratitude into the heart of the universe, and watch as my highest creative potential becomes manifest.”

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