Chakra Affirmations

chakra-affirmationsLast week I had the wonderful honor of being interviewed by Davidji* —of the Chopra Center—live on Hay House radio.

Our focus on the show was to take people on a journey through the chakras. My contribution included the chakra affirmations that I wrote about in conjunction with the Tulku Chakra amulets. Since the show aired, many listeners have contacted me asking me to share these affirmations again—so here they are. Enjoy!

Muladhara Chakra
I connect, I am supported
I am grounded in the physical plane and am connected to the whole of Life.

Swadisthana Chakra
I create, I am attractive.
I am creative and expansive. I deeply connect to others without losing myself.

Manipuraka Chakra
I manifest, I am powerful
By connecting with my internal power source, I ignite my ability to manifest my hopes and dreams.

Anahata Chakra
I love, I am loved
I embrace the gifts of love, balance, compassion and emotional well being in my life.

Visudda Chakra
I communicate, I am a teacher, and I am a student
I fearlessly express my truth and hear the sound of the Universe.

Ajana Chakra
I perceive, I am wise
Light informs my awareness. I live my life with illuminated clarity.

Sahasrara Chakra
I open, I am illuminated
I tune into and surrender to Divine Consciousness.

*Davidji is an internationally recognized life guide, author, meditation recording artist, motivational speaker, and meditation instructor.
Check out his website at

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