Tulku Oracle Card #3

The Manipuraka Chakra

 Manipura Oracle“Jewel of the lotus” and “lustrous gem” are names for this chakra—also known as the Solar Plexus or Navel Chakra.  It relates to the pure expression of one’s unique individuality in the physical world.

 The Manipuraka is your energetic and emotional center, the house of your inner fire. It offers up the fuel that gives you the power to accomplish your dreams. This is the furnace that transforms your earthly experience into a spiritual force. Also known by the Taosits as Chi, this energy enables you to meet any challenge, have courage, and set healthy boundaries.

The Manipuraka is where—through your umbilical cord— you were first connected to another. It is where nourishment is absorbed and processed for the rest of your energetic body. When you have a strong Navel chakra, you have a solid sense of self along with a sense of being nourished and protected. You have the ability to transform negative experiences into positive ones, and you feel courageous in expressing your boundaries.


If you have drawn this card, you are being asked to connect to your own personal power. Nourishment in some form is being offered to you, and you must be open and willing to receive it. Whether the energy of the situation in which you find yourself is challenging, delicious, or both, it is coming to you as an answer to what you have been asking for, in order to feel strong and accomplish the lessons that you need to grow.

Make some time to have a conversation with Laxmi. Ask for her help in keeping your inner fire bright and burning strong. Pray for her blessings in transforming your experience into one that is alive with the beauty of new growth, abundance and possibility.

The situation at hand is calling on you to regard this moment as an opportunity to experience your own personal power, and to express it. Perhaps you are finding the voice that you need to state your boundaries. Do not be afraid of your own strength.

2 thoughts on “Tulku Oracle Card #3

  1. Your cards are very beautiful and illuminate each chakra and its intention!
    I felt very drawn to each one shown and know that they will help each
    viewer find what he/she requires. I would be very interested in purchasing a
    deck upon completion. I teach a spiritual meditation class and I would also introduce them to my students.
    In love and Light,

    • Thank you for your kind words Pauline! I am hoping to have the deck done by the end of this year, please stay tuned.
      Warmest blessings,

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