Tulku Oracle Card #2

Swadisthana Oracle

TULKUSEXORACLEThe teaching in this card is that of connecting to the creative aspect of the lifeforce within you. One way to connect to this energy is to make a conscious commitment to be aware of the ebb and flow of feelings within you. These feelings are a direct reflection of your experience in the world, and when you pay attention to them, they will show you a clear pathway to your source.

As you experience your feelings and feel the energy there—feel the love that underlies them and is always trying to teach you. Walk in nature and connect to the creative force living within everything around you. As you walk, ask Vajrayogini and her divine dance to help circulate the emotions through you. Know that you are ready to transform them now, into positive catalysts for creativity and growth.

Move forward into creation, with the strength of your self awareness behind you, and the potent flow of love within you.




I create, I am attractive.
I am creative and expansive.
I deeply connect to others without losing myself.


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