marketI found the original Tulku Thockcha back in 2006 while looking for treasures, in a drawer, in a dusty old shop in the bowels of Kathmandu. It was at the very beginning of Tulku and Rajendra and I were just beginning to create the chakra line.

I love treasure hunting in the old parts of the city, exploring its antiquities and mysteries. I’m always on the lookout for ancient Magic—and once in a while I find it.

The Newari shop keeper didn’t know what it was, but I recognized my find as a precious Tibetan protection piece.

Tibetans say Thockchas fall from the sky already formed and are made of sky metal. I walked away with this jewel clutched tightly in my hand and a happy heart.

Though all of the jewelry we make is my design and our creation, I knew this was a piece that I wanted to make a mold of so that I could share it with others. I sat in contemplation with the piece that night and over a period of about a week. Feeling it and listening to it.

thocklablogimageThis is what it told me:

The Thockcha symbolizes the field of ultimate possibilities— the wellspring of unlimited potential and abundance that is the creative essence of our life. This is the vehicle to remind us to remain open and unattached, and to know that happiness, prosperity, love and bounty are unconditional gifts of the universe which flow through our lives continuously. As we connect with the vastness that is the essence of our souls we are reminded that we need not worry or be attached to outcomes, for the generosity and bounty of the universe is ours.

Find the Thockcha Amulet here.

Tulku Friends Of Nepal Update

Dear Friends,

Here is the latest update from Kiran and Tenzin. As you will see, they continue to work very hard to help those they find most in need, one grain of rice, brick, and day at a time…

In deepest gratitude for your support and for making all of this help possible. So many lives are being uplifted and changed for the better because of your caring hearts and generosity.

Blessings from the Tulku team
-Karla, Kiran, Rajendra, Tenzin, Pravin and Mata

Hi Karla,

Our team has been doing very well and that we reach out and help those who are in the most of need. This time again we went to bungamati to help a family whose house had been completely damaged due to the quake.

Its been almost a month since our first visit to this place and till now nothing has literally changed so far. People are still sleeping under tarpaulins because they have no other place to live. Many still await for relief and are still in hope that some one might help them in these desperate situations. Our help has been a bright spark of hope to these people who have nothing to live on and has boosted their courage in re-building their lives once more. This help has not only been in materialistic but also has brought positive psychological changes in the minds of these people. (learned from our past five projects) Such as Dinesh’s family; they are first family that we are helping. His family has lost their home to the quake and he has been still living inside a temple with his four brothers, mother and also grandmother.Till now he has laid his hopes on the government and other AID. When we first met Dinesh and his family, we told them we would provide shelters moreover, we also acknowledged them that they themselves should take the first step in re-building rather than relying only on others for help. Thus we called them to work with us hand in hand to aware them that change comes first from self.(attached pictures of Dinesh’s family working with us)

Our first task was to clear their old house so that we could make an open space to build the shelter on. We then went with a team of eight friends and started doing our work.The main objective was to break it down but we had to do it slowly and carefully which took quite a long time. It was also dangerous as the house kept shaking as we walked on it. We began by clearing the top level and eventually ending up to the first floor.We then started digging and then shifted the dirt and bricks.The house was mostly made by mud bricks and wooden planks and didn’t have a sturdy base. We had to be careful as our weight itself would bring the house down. It took us about seven hours to break it down. We then finished the job by making a flat platform for the new house to be built upon. We are planning to build a two room tin roof shelter for them that would last for a longer period of time!

We also have few more families that we are going to help. We will keep you updated!
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Letter of gratitude to our donors from a village in Nepal

Dear Friends,

As many of you are already aware, the Tulku team in Nepal is actively going to villages, providing aid and shelter where most needed. They went to a village two days back that had as of yet received no help, and were greeted with a depth of gratitude which is hard to imagine. Below is a letter Tenzin wrote to all of us who have donated, expressing the gratitude the village wanted to convey to us.

In deepest gratitude and appreciation, we are making a difference thanks to all of you.

Warmest blessings,
Karla, Kiran, Rajendra, Tenzin, Norbu, Pravin and Mata


Hi Karla,

The support that we are receiving from your international community is very overwhelming and motivates us very much in helping out the people in need. Kiran dai and our team extend our deepest gratitude to you and the entire donors and supporters. .

I also would like to share this message that the villagers of Magar Gau wanted to convey to all the donors and supporters.

“In this tragic event, we have lost not only our homes but also our courage to face the upcoming future. We basically have nothing now but to hope and pray. But today, from the moment when we saw your people coming with supplies, we were very happy.Thank you all from the depth of our hearts for helping the people of our village in this hour of grief and sadness. We have no direct connection with international community but it is very happy in knowing that you guys are taking time to consider the plight of the nepalese people and providing relief to us. We cannot repay the favor but we would like to heartily invite all the donors and supporters to our village and have a hearty nepali meal with us ” (translated)

Update on Friends of Tulku Nepal

Update on Friends of Tulku Nepal,

The days since the second earthquake have been full of deep and poignant conversations between myself and our friends Rajendra, Kiran and Pravin in Kathmandu. This earthquake brought on further destruction and loss, as well as powerful new waves of fear and uncertainty amongst the people of Nepal.

From the tarp he is sleeping under, Rajendra tells me of the gripping anxiety he is feeling as he, his extended family and community are huddled together outside, trying to sleep, praying another big one won’t come. He has not told them he learned that scientists are saying it is likely more big ones might come.

That evening his community shared dinner in their courtyard with over 600 people who are suffering from lack of water and food. They are afraid to venture into the streets beyond their courtyard. The old buildings that remain in the ancient traditional area of Patan are precariously tilted waiting to fall, and they may come down at any time. Their children are not going to school, and work life has stopped. Rajendra has been told that half of his home is dangerous and uninhabitable. He and his extended family members are sharing one small room to live in at this time. When the second earthquake hit he had just donated and delivered a metal sheet as a temporary roof for some people who lost their home.

Kiran was in his small jewelry shop at the time, working with an elderly Tibetan woman who came in to sell her jewelry in order to have money to give for aid. The earthquake hit and they huddled together with Kiran’s children and wife in the doorway of the shop. They said it was like waves in the ocean.

He has pooled large sums of his own money with donated money from us and from some local friends. With co-workers Tenzin and Norbu, Kiran is taking our aid in the form of shelter, food and water to local village areas where it is most needed. Along with his family, Kiran’s own back yard is filled with 50-60 people camping out and using his facilities. This is one of the only “safe zones” in his area.

After the second earthquake, the old house that is the location for Pravin’s offices and galleries suffered extensive damage. People are afraid to come into work and it is also too early to begin fixing it, as more earthquakes are likely. The courtyard where their production happens is filled with local people who are living there, being provided with food and shelter for an indefinite time.

Still, inspiration is present and spirits are positive. Beautiful realizations rise up amongst the chaos and suffering. Last night in our conversation, Pravin said—

“Now I understand why my mother started her day making offerings to the earth and then going to the roof and lighting the butter lamp and doing puja to the Sun and the Moon. She was honoring Mother Nature and our relationship with Her. We have to go back to those ways. Now it all makes sense.”

Pravin’s mother was a traditional Newari. Rajendra and his family still keep those ways but fewer do these days. It’s time to bring them back. The Gods are asking us to honor them and to remember our relationship with our Earth Mother.

The earthquake in Nepal and the suffering of the Nepali people is a strong reminder to the world to give thanks every day for this precious life and for our great Earth Mother’s abundance and generosity.

Please stay connected via Facebook
for more stories, photographs and updates from Nepal.

On behalf of Rajendra, Mata, Kiran, Pravin and myself, we send you love
with deepest gratitude for your support and prayers,


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“People have been disregarding the Earth—most especially drilling and boring into her for water,” she said. “Extraction and pollution have angered the deities and made us very vulnerable. There is only one Earth. This earthquake is not only for Nepal.”
If we go on like this, she told Ellen, “drought, flood, storms, earthquakes will come to everyone.”


“Lots of praying and forgiveness rituals are required now,” Chanira said last week. “People have to stop being foolish and start concentrating on what matters most. We have to remember. We have to start praying like we mean it.”

Please consider reading this amazing article from which these quotes are excerpts. It shares a very important Newari spiritual view of what is happening in Nepal.

By Isabella Tree, National Geographic

Dear Friends of Tulku


Dear Friends of Tulku,

As many of you have already heard, after over a week of traumatic aftershocks, there was another large 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Nepal today. Thankfully, our friends and their families are all safe. The community where we work-Patan-has experienced more devastating loss especially of old homes, including Rajendra’s home. Tonight they are once again sleeping outside, praying for the shaking to stop. The level of fear and trauma is quite extreme, but they have very strong hearts and spirit, they have each other, and they have us.

Throughout this time and with our help, Rajendra, Pravin and Kiran have been focused on helping others who have experienced greater loss than they, people in the villages in desperate need of food, shelter, medicine and water. Our friends have conveyed to me that they, (as well as I), are in deepest gratitude for your incredibly generous show of support and for your prayers. It is what gives them hope and the knowing that they can and will make it through this time.
Please continue to connect with me on Facebook as I post photos and reports of our efforts. Please share with your friends and family, and most importantly, please continue to help our friends in Nepal in your prayers.

In deepest gratitude with love from
Karla, Rajendra, Mata, Kiran, Pravin and all those who are receiving help through your loving donations.

Friends of Nepal


Dear Friends,

I’ve been deeply touched by so many of you, asking:
“How can I help the people of Nepal?”

As a response, I have set up a fund to help the indigenous Newari community of Patan, Nepal where the Tulku jewels are produced. Luckily, the Tulku artists and craftsmen Rajendra, Kiran, Pravin and their families were unharmed but are experiencing extreme hardship due to the massive quake devastation. As of now, over 2,000 people died and many have been seriously injured.

Please keep the Nepalese people in your prayers and, if you wish to help, click below to make a donation. The entire amount will go directly and immediately to the people in need.

With much Love and Gratitude…and sadness in my heart,

Ajna Oracle


ajna-oracleIf you have drawn this card, a new level of discernment and realization of your dreams is possible. You have the ability to connect to your dharma—your purpose in this lifetime—and to see the deeper layers of what that could mean for you. As John O’Donohue so beautifully writes, “the secret signature and light of our own nature” awaits to be discovered.

Your dreams may be more active now, or perhaps you notice you have a more pronounced ability to sense things before they manifest. You are being called to pay attention to the subtler realms so that you can have access to a more refined experience. Record your dreams, and feel deeply into them for the meanings that they are trying to share. Focus your mind through meditation or prayer, so that clarity and peace become your inner environment. From that state, the messages that lie within and the answers you are seeking will come to light.

The situation at hand is calling upon you to rely on your inner guidance to navigate this time. Ask for Uluka Vahini’s help in showing you the warrior’s way of trust and courage. Remember, it is through going into the darkness that you become accustomed to perceiving in a more heightened way. Because your physical sight is limited here, you must rely on your inner vision and knowing. Like the owl, take flight into the unknown with your connection to the Universe as your strength.

The Teaching

The teaching of this card is that of the need to regularly go beyond the intellect to the place of innate intelligence and intuition that lies within you. It is the place of stillness and heart you can reach through meditation and prayer. Do not be afraid of the great void—a place of primordial beauty, a scintillating darkness that is alive with the recognition that you are not separate. You are connected to the whole and because of that, your every movement is part of the Sacred Dance of Life. Let it guide you. Embracing this place gives you courage and a trust in the Divine that is beyond your usual experience. It is not a place where things are “figured out” but a place where things are revealed and known. Your intuition is the vehicle through which you move from light into darkness and back again, finding your way with your heart. A doorway is opening for you to move more deeply from an intellectual perception to an intuitive one. Now is the time to integrate the two.

May you Walk in Beauty

Abundance Oracle

Dear Friends of Tulku,

A few years ago I began to create an Oracle deck inspired by my Tulku amulets. For me, it is a way to more deeply communicate my experience and my soul connection with the symbolism they embody. Life has taken me on a beautiful, colorful, magically windy trail since then, and I set my project aside to focus on studying Plant Spirit Medicine. But that’s another story. My studies are soon coming to an end, and now I am picking up my project where I left off. Except now I have a lot more to add. This is therefore my commitment to you as my audience to create a new card every month until the deck is done. Here is the first of my offerings, for your pleasure. I welcome any comments and inspiration you would share with me in return!



Abundance is the nature of the unbounded Universe, reflected in the infinite expressions of Life Itself. “Out of abundance and still abundance remained.”—the Upanishads



If you have drawn the Abundance oracle today, it is a moment to appreciate the great abundance in your life, and give thanks. Your gratitude will make you an open vessel— open to receive and to trust in the Universe. Appreciate the gifts that life is always sharing with you, and you will truly experience abundance. Where there is openness, there is always room to receive— where there is openness, there is always space into which to give.

Trust is key. If there is something that you would like to attract into your life, say a prayer, and let it go. Turn to gratitude and appreciation, and remember that the ways of the Universe are mysterious. Your prayers are heard, how life unfolds has a divine and magical order that is far beyond your imagining.

In your meditation, picture in your minds eye an extraordinary element of nature—such as an exotic bird, or a kangaroo that carries her young in a pouch. Look in detail at the way so many extraordinary elements come together to form this one precious expression of life. Every aspect of who this being is, is natures gift for them to be able to live, survive and thrive as a species.

Allow your mind to pan out and see other amazing beings in the world. Appreciate all the diverse aspects that compose every single one of them. See that there is no end to the way life articulates itself. It is abundant, it is generous, it is boundless in possibilities. Feel this miraculous field of life as it expresses itself in your life, and open your heart in gratitude.

If you are feeling constricted and that you are not getting your needs met, try focusing instead on this gratitude practice. You will begin to see abundance everywhere, and the sense of lack you experience will be absorbed into fullness and happiness.

The situation at hand is showing you how you are feeling in regards to the abundance in your life. If you are striving, cease doing so, for it limits what you experience due to your focus on attainment. If you are walking on a path, head down looking for a feather, you will likely miss the magnificent hawk peering at you from above, the family of deer grazing by your side. Trust that the universe has your back, and if you are meant to have that feather, it will come to you, even while experiencing the wonder of the whole.

When you focus on finding what you don’t have, you experience lack no matter what blessings come into your life. Instead, give thanks for the gifts and see what the universe has in mind for you.

Remember, it is how you receive these gifts that determines whether you are connecting to abundance or not.

The teaching in this card is that Abundance is not limited to the “things” or the money that you have in your life. True abundance is experienced when you feel it in your heart. Remember that during those times when you are in love, overflowing with joy or gratitude, there is no feeling of lack. Cultivate these feelings, and you will experience and attract abundance in your life. True abundance is about feeling fullness, openness and generosity flowing through your heart. It is the generous quality of the overflowing heart filled with gratitude, that you are being called to cultivate now.


“I offer my gratitude into the heart of the universe, and watch as my highest creative potential becomes manifest.”

Tulku Newsletter Premier Issue Alchemy


What’s Up At TULKU
January 2014

Welcome to Tulku’s New Newsletter

Read the TULKU newsletter and stay tuned for special offers and announcements.
Our first issue is about ALCHEMY in honor of the love, blessings, and intentions that go into each of our pieces.

Like the lotus, emerging from the nourishment of the muddy depths of the swamp, into a glorious expression of beauty and transcendence-our transformation can be supported by the energy of stones, metals, and even symbols.

Aside from being on this earth to share their beauty, each gemstone and metal have a unique gift to bring to the world. We experience healing from them, because each one has a particular character and personality which resonates with different qualities of our human souls.

Symbols in turn, contain within their form the power of the collective unconscious-images that date back in some cases, thousands of years.

At Tulku, the process of creating and blessing the amulets is alchemical as well. We consciously connect to and honor the Spirit of each piece during the creative process, lovingly crafting it by hand into its final form. After completion, the amulets are then blessed in a “puja”or healing ritual – by Mata – considered an incarnation of the Divine Mother.
The combination of the symbolism, the integrity and intention with which they are executed,  and the blessings of Mata, creates a powerful alchemy that all Tulku amulets are infused with.

As you go through the collections, make your own combinations that speak to your soul. Most of the Tulku amulets have adjustable clasps that can be attached to the chain or necklace of your choosing. By tuning into the power of gemstones and the symbolism of the amulets, combine the amulet that resonates with you, with the necklace that will amplify your intentions. In so doing, you are creating your own personal “medicine bundle”of sacred jewels.

Read the TULKU newsletter and stay tuned for special offers coming soon.


Being Part of the Universe



The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

When we listen carefully, we can truly hear the heartbeat of the Universe. It is in these rhythms that we find harmony and balance when we are “in” our lives. All of nature follows these “rhythms” – it is because it not only listens, but pays attention.

Walk your path to the gentle beat and hum of the Universe…

Please share this is you feel so inclined. Namaste.